Public Speaking for Attorneys

What are the most common public speaking mistakes attorneys make in the courtroom? How can lawyers develop credibility from the start? How do you keep from using distracting fillers such as “um,” “like,” “so,” and “you know”? How can vocal variety make you a more effective litigator? Should you ever read a presentation? Is there danger in memorizing it? What are effective methods to learn how to improvise and think on your feet? In a multi-media world, when do public speaking abilities prevail?  

Come hear Senior Judge Janice Wilson, formerly with Multnomah County Circuit Court and now providing private arbitration/mediation services; Kyle Dukelow, long-time trial attorney and certified public speaking coach; and Michael Kesten, owner of KestenMedia, reveal how even the most confident, talented advocates can stumble in oral advocacy, and give some tips for improving your own speaking skills and presentations. 091416_Public_Speaking_Materials

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